Ghost Town

And tell me, is it the town or its ghost that frightens us?


On Spirits

On spirits: It can either be the ghost of your long lost relative or idol that's paying you a visit or simple electrical impulses. It is a matter of perception: while to some, the thunder brings fear, to others the lightning does. This neither makes any of the two less imposing or dangerous nor do they exclude each other. They're in tandem, just like spirits through electricity.


Photospection 19.0

Day 19 - A picture of you when you were little.

There you go. I know that my position is weird and I can guarantee you that I wasn't peeing or anything. I usually sit in that position, even today. And I put my vampirefreaks watermark long ago, I am too lazy to add a blogger one. I edited it a bit because since it is an old photo, it looked way too sharp. I think I was 3-4 years old in this photo, but I am not sure.


Photospection 18.0

Day 18 - A picture of your biggest insecurity.

Loneliness, sadness, this one way track of human corrosion. This is what kills dreams and hopes, this fall into your own lack of power. Lacking. The mighty Unable. The lack of will to power. The killing of hope. When masses turn a dream into a public crime. This is hell, not somewhere else. Turning love into flesh and flesh into earth. Love is unearthly. Love cannot be turned into a feast of maggots and yet it is, day in and day out, by those who kill our dream.


Photospection 17.0

Day 17 - A picture of something that has made a huge impact on your life recently.

My iPhone. It has changed a big part of my life recently. I didn't think I could handle a smartphone and now I've become quite addicted to it. I will never give or sell my old phones because they have a rather spiritual meaning (oh, the irony), but this phone helped me a lot, many times. It feels like an entity, it's now "My iPhone and I", haha. Oh and please refrain from "Apple is crap" or "HTC/Samsung is better", I don't really care. I notice this a lot, but you know, when somebody shows you something they've bought and they're happy with it, saying that another product is better or that the product sucks is very annoying. You can tell them in another conversation, but NOT when they just showed you what they bought.


Who Knows Where the Light Goes...

Who knows where the light goes?... They say that rivers are an analogy of the spirit's wandering through death. Rivers are indeed mysterious, especially at night. They can carry you in a vortex of adrenalin or leave you to rest on its shores. They can let you drink from their body or poison you later. Their sound can calm you down or render you insane if you spend too much time around them. They're like philosophy, if you ask me. :)

*This photo was not taken with sepia filter, it came out like this because of the light.


Photospection 16.0

Day 16 - A picture of someone who inspires you.

Anyone who can see the light in obscurity, even if the light can be blinding at times.


Does Alchohol Bond People?

You often think that with alcohol, you will make friends/lover(s). And you think that by using this neuron killing substance, you will become invincible and overall cool. You often say that a party without alcohol is useless. You would rather give up on food than on the precious drink. But does alcohol truly bond people? Well, I have noticed that the situation goes just like in this photo. The bottles remain somewhere and spiders find their way, linking them - a symbol of the usual "nobody has been here for a while". This is how it goes with alcohol and friendships. You think that the bond is there, but in fact, it is but a shadow of a bond, a spiderweb, a proof that nobody has been there and nobody probably will. It is the impression that there is something there. In reality, you leave the friendship untouched, in fact, it is dead from the moment of birth.

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