I believe that once you've gotten to the point where everything is a chemical process to you, you have successfully robotized. I remember an old mistake of my life, taking a human form, telling me that love is a only chemical in the brain and I agreed, but not to the point of certainty. Of course that love has a lot to do with chemicals, we're physical after all, but as long as you cannot create LIFE out of nothing, you cannot dare to consider that everything has only a physical and chemical basis.

No, romance is not dead, but it might be dead to you. And how sad it must be to live a life of cycles and processes. How sad it should be to live without having a shiver or unexplained butterflies in your stomach, even at the sight of a photo, preferring a life of apathy and being certain that love cannot kill the demon.

I pity these people. Their life must be really boring up there in Chemicalville, thinking that everything that attracts two people is the urge to mate and mocking platonic love.

Platonic love is amazing and it's what buries all those theories about love = mating. But all these experts in love will always say that platonic love is a childish matter. I swear to you that I'd rather live all my life in platonic love than live one hour in the reign of Chemicalville. And thinking that whenever a man/woman gets close to you, it's because of your money, position or simply to screw you, then you really do think low of yourself. The funniest thing is that the people who have the lowest image of themselves give the most bitter answers to life.

I resent this mass-media that breeds its little monsters who look for what's practical, rather than what their heart always wanted and I am not talking about the need to survive... Our minds have been poisoned by the modern view of romance as a ephemeral choice rather than a way of life. The cycle is: short flirt, romance and routine. Ah, but that's so dull. Has dullness become a part of human nature? Is that why love is only surviving in novels? Well, can't all these writers be insane... Even more, romantic love is perceived as a paroxism and society breeds the utter dullness and evilness of what they call "attraction". It's all about utility. Love is not useful. Pragmatism has nothing to do with love. Love is not pragmatic, but chemical feelings are.

So, these people will enjoy their chemical marriage [that IF they ever decide to take that step], but marriage will only be a piece of paper that will confirm that a chemical process is taking place. I am not going to go easy on all these people, because they have never gone easy on me. But a blog article won't hurt the way the stinging remarks do, especially when things go bad.

"If you weren't so romantic, you wouldn't suffer."

I would rather suffer than give up on the one thing that has always killed my demons. And for all the "rejectors" of human nature, watch this film that has always been one of my favorites: here. Maybe you'll learn something.