Gibbs Rules

I decided to submit these rules in my journal since a lot of them apply to me as well. They are all over the internet, so it's not like I am giving away freely something that cannot be found easily, because I wouldn't do it otherwise. =] And besides that, these are even rules of common sense. Gibbs and NCIS have changed my life in a good way and these rules as well. And they can be seen metaphoric as well, which is the best part.

Rule #1: Never let suspects stay together.
Rule #1: Never screw [over] your partner.
Rule #2: Always wear gloves at a crime scene.
Rule #3: Don't believe what you're told. Double check.
Rule #3: Never be unreachable.
Rule #4: The best way to keep a secret? Keep it to yourself. Second best? Tell one other person - if you must. There is no third best.
Rule #7: Always be specific when you lie.
Rule #8: Never take anything for granted.
Rule #9: Never go anywhere without a knife
Rule #12: Never date a co-worker.
Rule #15: Always work as a team.
Rule #18: It's better to seek forgiveness than ask permission.
Rule #22: Never, ever bother Gibbs in interrogation.
Rule #23: Never mess with a Marine's coffee if you want to live.



"...To me, love was reading her Miranda rights every morning. She was a fast learner, always trying to put words in my mouth, either forced or smoothly, between kissing me and sending me to Hell. The one thing that made me ponder and reconsider my road towards the depths of Inferno was her patience with my demons. Why else would she send a man to Hell if it weren't about the demons he has to slay...? After lecturing me about the pain I chose, she would light her second cigarette, letting the first one burn itself, like her feelings for me. Loving her was a challenge and it still is, for it is hard to desire to kill the one who puts her arms around you in the morning and swears eternal faithfulness and instead of sinking the knife inside her, you choose to have sex with her. It feels so good, but the thrill of killing competes with the short seconds of disobedience. To me, love was this once..."

[B.W - my alter ego]


Artificial Tears

...The morning comes, more awake than ever, then it falls asleep under your eyelids, it begs for you to look and see and contemplate and maybe read one of the fake eulogies of forgotten heroes, or poets or artists who never got to see their works appreciated.

You hear a voice, but cannot distinguish the words, they sound dim and circular, you hear a rhythm but the beat is irregular and wrong. You limitate by imposing the terms of right and wrong, but redeem yourself, pleading for an unlimited existence.

The smell of coffee makes you crawl, it's the one thing that attracts you towards thinking and acting. The papers cry with words that haven't been written or spoken.

How can you cry when nobody has taught you how to cry? Is suffering etched somewhere in our atoms of our being and we keep lying to ourselves, thinking that it's not? Suffering has been studied and reflected upon, but is it native? And happiness, is that native as well?

What's the use of all of this anyway...?


Probleme de Intelegere

A trecut deja prea mult timp de cand nu m-am mai luat de ceva si cred ca deja e timpul pentru alte probleme de intelegere a societatii. :)) Asta va fi in romana pentru ca aici am vazut ca se intampla foarte des.

La stiri sau in multe ziare, atunci cand e prezentat un caz al unei persoane care a murit in mod violent [cel mai des], aproape mereu trebuie sa se adauge "el/ea urma sa se casatoreasca peste x luni" sau "el/ea era casatorit/a de numai x luni/ani". Asa, si? Asta pentru ce e? Ca sa sporiti mila cumva? Adica daca el/ea nu urma sa se casatoreasca, moartea lui/ei violenta era mai putin dramatica sau ce? Sfatul meu e sa incetati cu replica asta pentru ca deja e rasuflata si enervanta.

Si inca ceva [asta vine dupa o discutie recenta cu cineva], de ce dracu' bagati melodia din REQUIEM FOR A DREAM in stirile voastre "triste"? De ce trebuie noi sa auzim o melodie pe care o asociem cu un film foarte bun intr-o stire despre doi care s-au taiat in sabii in nush ce comuna? Ati ramas in pana de "compozitori"?


Leapsa Pe Frica :))

Am primit o leapsa de la Adriana, iar eu care aproape niciodata nu joc "chestii" din astea, am considerat ca intrebarea e pe cat se poate de interesanta. Ce as face eu daca nu mi-ar fi frica? Ahhhhhh nu ai intrebat persoana corecta. Eu as recrea lumea.

In primul rand, as incepe cu politica. Politicul e intr-o stare buna, teoria intotdeauna a fost buna, dar practica o strica. Politica e cea care in mod normal ar trebui sa ofere ordinea in lume, dar cam tot ce ofera e haos total. Nu e putin paradoxal? As ajunge in fruntea lumii, as schimba modul de punere in practica al legilor, le-as face EGALE pentru toata lumea. As dizolva imunitatea politicienilor. As aboli regimul capitalist, iar societatea de consum as face-o sa se consume singura pana cand toti cei ce au suferit de pe urma coruptiei si a mentalitatilor gresite sa isi regaseasca pacea.

Apoi nationalismul din mine m-ar face sa transform Romania intr-o tara exemplu. Iar asta, desigur, prezinta unele riscuri pe care un om obisnuit nu si le va asuma. Dar ce te faci cand pui in frunte un om neinfricat si invincibil? De ce invincibil? Il stiti pe John Kramer/Jigsaw, nu? El a reusit performanta sa-si continuie munca si dupa moarte, fara piedici. Ce m-ar opri pe mine sa nu fac la fel? Oamenii nu au minimul necesar de bani pentru a se putea gandi la altceva decat ziua de maine, de aceea sunt atat de putin preocupati de probleme "adanci", cum e de exemplu in Germania unde omul de rand are beneficii "umane" de viata si isi permite sa se aseze sub clar de luna, fara prea multe griji, si sa contempleze existenta.

As reeduca oamenii, pentru ca in momentul in care un om ajunge la concluzia ca o masina compenseaza o prietenie, si o muzica pe tema asta ii ajuta sa-si "ridice" sufletul, atunci e nevoie de reeducare. Concluzia mea despre manele este ca, de vreme ce au fost oameni radiati la Cernobil, de asemenea mancarea si obiectele lor au fost radiate, de ce n-ar putea si muzica sa fie radiata? Manelele/reggaetonul sunt exemplul ideal. Chiar daca a trecut ceva timp de atunci, uite cat de puternice au fost radiatiile.

As reeduca oamenii in asa fel incat sa priveasca pe celalalt ca pe un om, nu ca pe un lup. In momentul de fata, oamenii considera ca o iesire pe strada e o lupta de supravietuire in jungla. Ar trebui sa ramana asa?

Daca nu mi-ar fi frica, as deveni un criminal in serie. Da, e un fetish vechi. Nu sunt un criminal in serie din cauza inchisorii, care mi-ar ingreuna misiunea.

Si acum catre lucrurile mai simple, as merge noaptea pe strada in Bucurestiul de acum, pana cand ar deveni Bucurestiul care trebuie sa fie [vezi mai sus]. M-as imbraca asa cum am eu chef, pentru ca in ziua de azi, o mare parte din hainele mele mai "extravagante" stau in dulap, ceea ce e urat in situatia in care in alte tari puteam sa port si un colac de veceu in cap si nimeni nu zicea nimic.

As intra in Mafie, as iesi si apoi as transforma-o dupa bunul meu plac. Si inca n-am facut nici 5% din cate mi-am propus... Si pentru tine, o poza din Montmartre, pentru ca sunt visatoare azi. Ah, si aici e creditul postului original: Dragos Bucurenci


I am back from one of my favorite trips in the world, the oddly decided trip to Paris. It happened that I got called last Wednesday night, asking if I want to go to Paris on Thursday at 16. I couldn't decide so fast, I am not even now sure what I decided, but I went there.

I didn't think I'd enjoy it so much, but I did. And after all, it gave me a lot of oportunity to see where Gibbs and Jenny of NCIS spent their time... Paris is a beautiful city. It feels good there. It feels free. Right next to my hotel was an Edguy concert, for example. There you can never get bored. There would be so many things to say...many places to describe.

Jim Morrison's grave was another must-see for me, and when we arrived to Pere Lachaise, it was closed. The next day it was closed as well. We had one more day to stay and I felt I missed my chance to see his grave. But in the last day, the gates were opened for me. And I managed to climb the fences that guarded the grave against crazy fans and to touch his grave. It was a beautiful moment...


Hehehe + Happy New Year etc.

Guess who I am standing next to? Yep, that's right, the Presidential Couple. It was a nice surprise and no matter the political implication about which I do not want to talk, it is still an accomplishment to meet the President. He was very nice with me, even wished me a great vacation. Considering that he was our President during the big Summit, that adds to the points. :D

Anyway Happy New Year everyone.