Christmas Time

I love Christmas! It's one of my favorite times of the year. I had my anual tradition of watching the ALIEN series on the 24 and 25th [even if I am a Predator fan], I had a great time and I wish it lasted a bit longer.

Sometimes it's the magic of the moment that matters the most and how you perceive it.



I hate Twilight. I abhor all this stupid fuss with this useless best-seller. I am sad to be offending a book, but here I am.

I hate Twilight. Whenever I hear everyone squirting about this 2 dimed book, I get the urge to puke.

As well, I am glad if I offend you. I am glad! :D It sucks. It's bullshit.

All the forums are infected with this plague of "fans". Most of 'em took one after another, of course. Others really like it, which I don't comment upon.

But this whole hysteria is lame. Hah! Take that.



What is the real essence of solitude? Why is it considered wrong? Lately I've been hypersomniac, but I am not going to rush into diagnostics until the 2 weeks pass. It bothers me because the usual 8 1/2 hrs of sleep turn into endless, no matter how much I sleep, I never get to feel awake.

I refuse the idea of depression. But one may wonder why I am refusing almost any social contact. I am partly antisocial. Besides, I am known for often being a bastard. I enjoy spending time alone, but in the same time, I abhor it. I abhor the idea of another Christmas in front of my monitor, watching again the Alien, Predator and AVP series, imagining how it would be if I opened myself to contact with other people, if I became less picky and screwed at least the 6th man that I see as slightly attractive.

In a way I feel great, but in another way it is terrible. People push me into socializing with them and I don't want to. They sometimes feel offended that I am always busy, but in reality I am rarely busy. I am just not in the mood for conversations or going out.

And I don't talk about those that I dislike, but about those people with whom if I went out, I'd feel good. Even if I know I'd feel good, I still refuse to socialize.

Why don't you fucking understand that and stop accusing me of anything? If you knew the source of my refuse, you'd stop presuming. An invitation starting with "I know you're antisocial, but I think we should meet for a ..." would most of the times result in a meeting. Words mean a lot sometimes.

But the usual "Hey wanna go out" will mostly never work. The thought does not appeal to me. When a person realizes what I am and offers an invite, then it might become appealing.

My Status

I am ignoring any possibility which would start with "you and I". And you know best...our way of ignoring things. Bleh guard down, got shot, pinned down, I'm used.

Ya think!?



You: "I had anal sex."
Me: "And didn't it hurt...like crap...?"




"You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law."

Does he just hear this whispering in his ears each time we meet or is it [probably definitely] my paranoia?

It's fun. Anything he says IS being used against him in my court of law, he is usually silent and if not silent, then sarcastic, masking indifference when inside his heart is crushing and 99% of the times, very handsome.

Otherwise, it's all going great. The man I want, his article 31 "tuned" to his rhythm [and often too much blues], my amused intollerance, signs of affection, madness.

Many times, you hear this after committing a murder. He is not yet there, I'm not dead yet, but I could call it a felony for now. What I [sadly] notice is that he really wants to hear this for murder and not just felony. For felony can mean much more than just murder.

Alright. He ordered. Murder it is.



Dead On Arrival

The idea of this post came into my consideration while thinking about the fate of one of the thousands of talented people who were/are sentenced to die because of a disease. This time it was the actor Patrick Swayze, next time it will be someone else, so on and so forth.

It is unfair and I am claiming whatever God is out there to reconsider the punishments for everybody. Right now I AM entitled to even blaspheme. I have noticed that people with absolutely no talent and no reason to live lead a perfect life, surrounded by money, luxury and health. On the other hand, those who actually DO something or create, who don't disturb with their patethic opulence are being hit by cancers and shitty diseases.

I, right now, claim my right to ask this. I ask for death to all these insignificant lowlives, polluting the air and nature with their garbage and their presence, with their bullying and their indecent parade of a sickening "luxury" and talentless fate. I would personally eradicate these people if I could.

I claim life to the talented people, to those who changed the world by presenting something more than bank accounts, golden clothes and exposing those who are poor[er] to their grotesque overnight enrichment; to those who have written a good song, or a novel, a piece of poetry and to those whose presence makes you THINK, create, meditate.

I am sick and tired of hearing that another artist has died, while these intoxicating "subhumans" continue to rot our planet away. Don't tell me that "We all have our fate" or that everybody dies in the end because I don't buy it. I am SICK of buying it.

I am afraid to create something. I am afraid of living a life that is so hated by these subhumans because I fear the same "fate" will call for me. I deny any talent I have, for it will sentence me to death...



...bother to talk to me [unless you seek being mocked] if you subscribe yourself to ANY of these circumstances, ideas, reactions or/and postures:

*You turn your "how metal 666 I am" into the first, middle and last thing you think about when you are conscious, but also asleep. That BECAUSE for each attempt to shove this bullshit down my throat, I will imagine you and PHOTOSHOP you unshaved, dressed in colors that even color-blind people will be able to see, and this will make me laugh each time I see you [just so you'd know why I smile the next time we meet, no, it's not because I've missed ya].

*You start blabbering about bands. Examples: "...I knew why this band sucked.", "...which of the 4837 vocalists from the 666 trv kvlt methal band is the kewlest", "...[insert absurd black metal band here]'s cover was way cooler than the original heavy metal shit", "I've seen Scorpions! :D". [I have FLIRTED with the Scorpions' guitarist when your sorry ass didn't even hear of him and I already told you that, so why do you have this annoying scratch in your ass to TELL me again and again?! That's BECAUSE you'll end up rejected by all your "666" retarded kvlt friends for "betraying" one of your obsessive-compulsive "methal trvness" allegiances [search wikipedia for the word allegiance].

*You start your conversation with: "You're way cooler than most others because you are open minded to [insert "not accepted" action/movie/etc here]". How the hell do you know me so you can assume that I am "way cooler" than "most others"? Have you met "most others" to tell?... That's BECAUSE I will reply you "Yeah, well, you're way cooler than the other rest for being a psychic." and you will stare at me like a complete moron and, once again, I'll amuse myself on your behalf. But now that you've read this, I'll change my method. ;)

*You see my BUSY status on messenger [which allows only emergencies] and you ask me "how are you?". How do YOU THINK I am if I'm being bothered by a moron who has definitely read my status and considers him/herself entitled to still disturb me, "because she wouldn't. Nah, she wouldn't tell me to fuck off." Ya THINK!?

*Uhm and if he/she didn't read my status, then [considering I added myself to my own messenger to check if they show up], he/she's got a serious problem. Same happens in real life: you see a person which is obviously busy and you LOVE to disturb with useless crap.

*You're illiterate, you ask questions for which you already have the answer [somewhere where it requires your thinking or attention], or you want to have sex with me. I only accept sex requests from certain people and you're not included. Trust me on that. ;) If you were, I'd surely let you know.

*You THINK that by giving you a compliment, I offer myself easily. Oh, you have no idea how many times the man [woman] has almost gotten into bed waiting for me to join and I left.

*You consider this blog entry offensive because, obviously, you either feel you fit one of the categories or you think I'm being mean. If you know me, you'll know WHY I wrote this right now. By all means, I have no intention to offend anyone, but to make your life a bit easier in making you avoid any embarrassing situation while meeting me.

*You know I like a certain movie/band/genre/character/etc and you have to start blabbering how I should prefer something else, or you recommend me something else [often accompanied by a "meah, better watch this" or "You should watch/listen to this if you like THAT". I don't need your recommendations unless ASKED for and I certainly do not need reference of anything "better" unless I demand it, thank you very much for your care.

*You act like a completely typical "rocker". That is: fear of anything colored, yawning about shitty bands who never got to sell a record, "but do music for pleasure", bashing good bands because it's the trend nowadays, saying that "I'm just me, I'm not a metalhead" [oh please], considering Disturbed to be a "shitty nu-metal band like Korn" [you people who say this should be executed and Korn has some good songs too but you're too tr00 to know that, shh!], wearing new rocks in the middle of July, saying that "Metallica sucks nowadays" without even reading their life story to know why they "suck so much", thinking that I listen to black metal ONLY, just because I sometimes wear corpsepaint, cut yourself for "fame and glory", etc etc etc.

*You are too prejudgemental [notice I put a "too" there. Everyone is a bit prejudgemental, so buzz off with bullshit.]. You listen to manele and dress funny [pink shirts on guys are comically stupid, not cool, stupid, "guys" ;), and wearing a 4 cm blouse on 2 degrees is lame, not sexy, lame, "gals". ;) ]

*The rest of you may speak. I don't bite...[unless asked nicely :D ]. The rest of you will also benefit of the show caused by my sarcasm towards the ones who fit one of the categories above. The "others" may speak as well, but at their own risk, I am not responsible for any situation that might [surely] occur.

AND don't ADD IDEAS to this entry, I am SURE I forgot some, let them be [for now]. ;)

This blog is mainly for RANTING purposes. I keep the beauty side of my life mostly to myself and my close ones. True, sometimes I offer details here as well, but the main idea of my blog is to write my ideas down here rather than carving them in someone's forehead [literally speaking].



Here are some news about what I've been doing in the past few... Well, here's what you should know:

*I finished downloading the second season of NCIS and I'm currently at episode 3.

*Today I drove about 280KM and on the highway with only 20 minutes of break, this is A LOT, considering my lack of driving in the past few months.

*Today as I was driving I saw a gypsy woman wearing typical gypsy clothes and NEW ROCK boots, which was something really uncommon in the heart of Manele Shitty of Bucharest. Verdict: Probably stolen or given.

*I think Jeffrey Combs is one of the best horror actors and I also find him fucking CUTE [I liked House on Haunted Hill since I was in 9th grade - kid, correct me if I'm right :)]

*I'm in a good mood, and that's all you have to know. Oh, and I have the DEATH MAGNETIC hoodie but you know that already. =]

Not sure WHY I posted this, but oh well. Oh, and I love autumn colors and that is MY picture, so watch it.


NCIS - full series

I am on my way to downloading all the 5 [6] seasons from NCIS [Naval Criminal Investigative Service], one of my top 3 favorite TV series. What I like about this film is that it combines a sarcastic type of comedy with science and police procedural themes, the team, although united, carries on a kind of humor that many other likewise series don't have.

Each character has a strong personality and they combine in a tasty game of words. I can say I love all characters, but my top 3 are Abby, Gibbs and Ducky.

You can read more
here .


"I Beg You To Reconsider..."

...Although today I have watched all the Saw movies again, this post is not about Saw, it's about what I would BEG you not to buy me as a present.

1. Books - I have problems with concentration and I find books an uninspired present, 99% of the books I receive aren't my kind. Most likely they will end up dusty, on a shelf. Why not give them to someone who will treat them as they deserve?

2. Hello Kitty stuff - I HATE HELLO KITTY! Oh shoot me.

3. Clothes, necklaces I would definitely not wear - If I invited you, it means you know my tastes. Don't give me stuff you received and not liked because I'll figure out. I prefer honesty.

4. Rings - I love rings, but I already have too many and you might never guess my size.

I know this post is very self centered, egoistic and manipulative. I am aware that it sounds totally rude and unaccepted.

The most amazing present I received was: nothing. From some people who came to my birthday "cu mana-n cur", claiming they have no money left. Oh, a chocolate is damn expensive...

Note: I do not condone buying presents to me or anything like this, I always try my best to pick a nice present for everyone and I think that for a birthday, coming without a present is really shitty. A friend of mine thought my bday party was another day and he made me a present in 15 minutes, just not to come empty handed.

...As for hateful comments, I beg you to reconsider.


Get To Know Me pt. 1

1.If your lover betrayed you, what would your reaction be?
I would destroy him mentally, slow and painful, for betrayal is one of the few things I cannot forgive.

2. If you have a dream you’d like to come true, what is it?
To be able to live how I like and not make compromises for this.

3. Whose butt would you like to kick?
Bullies, ignorants and overnight enriched people.

4. What would you do with a billion dollars?
Achieve all my material wishes and donate money for art, medicine and justice.

5. Will your best friend always be your best friend?

6. Have you ever been in love with 2 people at once?
Yes. These years and I had to give up on one of them, although I didn't get the other either [yet].

7. How long would you wait for someone you really loved?

Until it sleeps. If you know me enough, you know what I mean...

8. If you won the lottery, would you quit the job?

Not if the job is my dreamjob.

9. Who is on your celebrity top 5 … you know, the ones … that if you ever had an opportunity …I. Viggo Mortensen

II. James Hetfield
III. Eduardo Palomo
IV. Jeffrey Combs
V. Pauley Perrette.

10. What sucks the life out of you?

The void of crushed dreams.

11. How would you see yourself in 10 years time?

I don't know.

12. What is your greatest fear?

Loneliness = hell.

13. What kind of person do you think the person who tagged you is?

Nothing, I found this on another blog.

14. Would you rather be single and rich or married but pour?
Married and poor. I am single and rich and don't really feel happy.

15. What’s the first thing you do when you wake up?
I open my eyes.

16. Would you give all in a relationship?

I do give all.

17. Is your career vitally important to you?

18. Would you forgive and forget no matter how horrible a thing someone has done?
Forgive yes, forget never.

19. Do you prefer being single or having a relationship?
Having a healthy relationship, this is why I'm single at the moment. =]



I am constantly getting disappointed.



Last night in the city, with my best friend and another friend. I had to call another friend to establish the meeting place and I checked my last dialled numbers. I see 112 [aka 911] in my LAST dialled numbers and speak, pretty loud:

"Um...why did I call 112?"

And the friend replies:

"Don't know, but they came pretty fast."

I raise my eyes and see a huge firemen car. Now, I love coincidences!



Inca o debitare a ziarului Libertatea...si aveam pretentii de la voi, ma.

Articol intitulat "Cel mai bogat om de afaceri e superzgarcit" sau asa ceva. Citesc mai departe pentru ca voiam cu adevarat sa stiu cat de zgarcit poate fi un om de genul asta. Ideea m-a enervat, ceea ce inseamna ca e inca o indoctrinare cocalareasca: omul e SUPERZGARCIT pentru ca nu da banii pe un telefon mobil/PC, isi conduce singur masina si nu mananca la restaurante de lux, ci la McDonald's, in loc sa aiba zeci de palate, el sta intr-o casa modesta etc.

Concluzia: pentru a fi un cetatean altruist cu buzunarele groase, trebuie sa dai cate 10.000$ pe masa de seara si sa ai Rolex, Lamborghini si sofer. Altfel esti un SUPERZGARCIT nenorocit, 'te 'reacu.

In asta sta, dragi cocalari, altruismul. Si observ ca ai nostri bogatasi sunt SUPERALTRUISTI.

In planul doi [si n-am sa vorbesc mult de asta], iata la ce concluzie au ajuns "specialistii psihologi" ai nostri, dupa lungi cercetari: sexul la serviciu, fiind lucru interzis, incita oamenii si "de aia il fac". Imi dau seama cate cercetari au trebuit sa faca pentru a ajunge la o asemenea concluzie INOVATOARE.

Da' voi, religiosilor, n-ati auzit, ba, de fructul interzis? Ca de secole incoace stiu pana si pustii ca daca n-au voie sa manance salam, apai salam mananca. Va admir, totusi, pentru concluziile revelatoare pe care le-ati expus.


A, si nota, intrebati-ma de ce as citi ziarul asta, uite pentru ca sa stiu de ce aud fel de fel de perle de la fel de fel de oameni care chiar se iau dupa asta. Asa macar mi se mai diminueaza socul [??].


Poor Indeed?

~Cloths of Heaven~

Had I the heavens' embroidered cloths,
Enwrought with golden and silver light,
The blue and the dim and the dark cloths
Of night and light and the half-light,
I would spread the cloths under your feet:
But I, being poor, have only my dreams;
I have spread my dreams under your feet;
Tread softly because you tread on my dreams.
[William Butler Yeats]

This poem has followed me everywhere, so I thought to share it with you. So...am I indeed poor?



Observ din ce in ce mai des ca dupa o despartire, multi isi gasesc imediat pe altcineva. Eu de ce nu pot asa? Sau mai bine zis, eu de ce dracu sunt atat de greu de cucerit? Sau poate mai bine ma intreb "eu de ce dracu nu sunt superficiala cum am fost pana acum ceva timp sa sar dintr-o relatie in alta imediat?". Oare pentru ca am pe creier un specimen care ma tine in sah de 2 ani...? Sau pentru ca imi doresc o persoana care nu exista?

M-am uitat recent pe profile de hi5/VF/etc ale unor persoane de care stiam ca se despartisera recent, suferinte, lacrimi, iar dupa 1 saptamana deja isi gaseau o alta "mare iubire". Si tot asa, daca privesti din afara e amuzant de dramatic. Din toti fostii mei prieteni, doar unul singur merita respect. Si din toate perioadele in care am avut pe cineva, doar pentru una am respect fata de mine.

Mai "rau", unii aveau 2 persoane drept "iubiti" si ma intrebam cum dracu vine asta, desi pe mine nu m-ar deranja.

Mami, mami, vreau si eu sa fiu superficiala si ca sa nu jignesc pe cei care chiar nu pun suflet, sa ma cucereasca si pe mine [ALT]cineva. Vreau si eu sa fiu mai usor de accesat cand o sa fiu mare. Si nu vorbesc de flirt, ci de treaba serioasa...Se pare ca sunt opusul tipelor disperate sa fie cu oricine, behehe...

Dar...oare chiar vreau eu asta...?


Evenimentul Of Za Day

Asta e articolul .

Iar asta e raspunsul meu la acest articol. "Yahoo! Messenger, folosit în exces acasă, îi însoţeşte pe liceeni şi la şcoală, astfel că elevii vorbesc la fel cum tastează pe chat. " Se pare ca doamna/domnisoara [sincer nu ma intereseaza] Andreea Archip nu poate distinge intre cauza pe care o gasesc toti pentru a explica un lucru cu care nu sunt familiarizati SI adevarata cauza a unui eveniment. Eu am trecut de ceva timp de perioada liceului si recunosc ca limbajul lor lasa MULT de dorit, dar a da vina pe messenger e total SUPERFICIAL. Messengerul este o simpla cale de a comunica fara a plati, daca nu ar exista acesta, v-ati cruci de facturile kilometrice la telefon, pentru ca toti au telefoane mobile acum, nu?

"Principalul vinovat de tendinţele din limbajul liceenilor de astăzi este computerul, care le umple tinerilor cea mai mare parte din timp cu programele sale, cum sunt Messengerul - varianta cea mai populară de chat, sau jocurile virtuale. " Oare? Pai hai sa ne gandim putin, are vreo vina un PROGRAM de computer [ex: Messenger] ca OAMENII sunt ANALFABETI? Messengerul este conceput de "cativa" cetateni care "le au" cu limbajul [este conceput corect gramatical], nu cred ca pe messenger puteti vedea limbajul "prescurtat" pe care il tot aduceti mereu in discutie.

Puteti sa va numiti o persoana care incearca sa schimbe ceva in societate daca aduceti cauze GRESITE? Jocurile pe calculator [daca ati fi pus mana pe cateva ati fi fost in cunostinta de cauza] sunt concepute de oameni cu MULTA cultura, eu am invatat din jocuri o GROAZA de "chestii", de la mitologie la istorie si geografie. Nu JOCURILE, nu MESSENGERUL, nu COMPUTERUL sunt de vina pentru ca tinerii sunt AGRAMATI.

Tinerii sunt AGRAMATI pentru ca nu au educatia de baza pe care trebuie sa o aiba un OM pentru a putea comunica. Aceste tipuri de vorbire se foloseau si pe vremea biletelelor, dar pe atunci nu vi se parea "cool" sa comentati pentru ca erau "inofensive" si "copilaresti"? Credeti ca pe atunci, tinerii scriau mai CORECT?

Va plangeti ca romanii nu cunosc limbi straine, cand le cunosc putin, va plangeti ca le folosesc prea des. In loc sa dati vina pe computer, mai bine faceti ceva.

Si tot vorbeam de jurnalistii de azi, care formeaza opinia publica, oare de ce ne mai miram ca tara asta e asa cum e?

NOTA: Voiam sa public asta pe site-ul lor dar se pare ca n-am voie nici sa dau link la blog, iar comentariul trebuie sa aiba sub 1000 de caractere. Nu ma mir.


Also Sprach Zarathustra...

I will do now like in that joke. I will tell you that I have not chosen this name for the blog to pretend I am Nietzsche and don't expect me to be 100% brainwashed by a single philosopher. No matter how much I love his work, there are a LOT of things I disagree with.

So I will cut this from the beginning, this blog's purpose is not to blaspheme his book or anything like that. The name is because I liked it. I found it suitable for my mood. I might change it soon, because I'm honestly getting bored of it.

AND no, nobody said that until now, this entry doesn't come from a sort of event from the outside, no, nobody told me I am pretending to be Nietzsche, nobody said anything, I just wanted to have this entry here so that when it happens, to show it without making the person feel in any way proud that it has a special place in this blog for saying that. Better to cut the evil from its roots.

Yes, it is my evil and egocentric side speaking. *evil grin*


Concluzie Sumbra

Azi, nefiind grabita nicaieri, mi-am permis sa stau si sa fumez o tigara undeva, desi mergeam spre facultate si deodata m-a izbit un gand in timp ce priveam turma de oameni care mergeau teleghidati in diverse directii.

Femeile [desi statistica spune ca barbatii sunt cei care se sinucid mai des] au ganduri sinucigase. Altfel nu-mi pot explica dorinta de a cadea de pe niste tocuri imense pe care nu pot merge. Ori asta, ori sunt masochiste.

Eu inteleg dorinta lor de a fi elegante, dar a merge ca un vitel abia nascut pe strada nu e elegant. E mai degraba dizgratios, ridicol si inutil. Si, pe de alta parte, vestea "buna" e ca majoritatea supravietuiesc tentativelor zilnice de a se sinucide.

Deci, ceea ce am spus aici nu inseamna ca urasc tocurile. Asta inseamna ca tocurile sunt pentru o anumita clasa de femei, cele care pot sa le poarte, restul viteluselor abia nascute ar trebui sa se "limiteze" la alt gen de pantofi. Ca or fi si putine genuri de pantofi...



Am auzit de multe ori persoane care spuneau: "La nunta mea, o sa port piele", "Toata viata voi avea zeci de pierce-uri", "O sa dau din pleata pana la moarte", "Nu voi avea o nunta ca oricare alta" etc.

Mai apoi, cand se intampla ceva, nunta lor devenea o nunta in alb si negru, pierce-urile cadeau ca prin magie, pleata era tunsa nu din motive medicale, nunta devenea banala...etc-ul devenea obisnuit.

Se trezeau toti din "visare" si deveneau niste robotei obisnuiti. Mai rau, incepeau sa dea din clanta despre cat de bine e asa si ca pe atunci erau tineri si plini de hormoni, ca totul s-a schimbat acum, ca s-au maturizat. Nu stiam ca maturizarea e acelasi lucru cu plafonarea.

Sunt oameni carora le place sa nu iasa din tipare si sincer, e treaba lor, nu de ei ma iau. Ma iau de voi care aruncati in dreapta si-n stanga de cat de special veti trai voi, ca voi sunteti prea tru sa purtati rochie alba/costum la nunta voastra si ca veti fi heavy metal pana in dungi...ca mai apoi, cand atingeti O VARSTA, sa imi ziceti mie "lasa ca o sa vezi tu la 30 de ani".

La 30 de ani am vazut persoane care inca traiesc asa cum si-au dorit. Ba mai mult, care la 30 de ani au o tinerete in ei mai mare decat pustii de 20 de ani. Oameni care nu au inceput sa accepte ca trebuie sa poarte haine maro si palarie pentru ca asa poarta toti mosii. Si ei imi spun ca "alea-s exceptii, sunt dilii". Eu zic ca mai dilii sunteti voi ca spuneti una, si faceti alta.

Aratati poze cu voi de cand erati "tineri", toti cu plete si piele si acum va purtati ca niste stressati plictisiti de viata pentru ca a fi asa cum ti-ai dorit "nu e normal".

Renuntati la visul de a purta camasa in carouri si pantaloni de piele la nunta ca sa va accepte rudele de gradul 3289473.

Am o stare buna si de aia va spun sa va duceti frumos dracului.



Am citit un articol... Mi-am pierdut vremea citind un articol in care se vorbea despre o actrita porno care "e virgina, pentru ca a facut toate tipurile de sex, in afara de cel normal", iar in viziunea ei si a ziarului respectiv, a fi virgin inseamna strict ca himenul sa fie intact. Da, a fi virgin inseamna technic ca himenul e intact, insa chiar poti spune cu nonsalanta ca o tipa care nu a facut sex "normal", insa a experimentat TOT ce a mai ramas, e virgina?

Si daca intr-adevar technic vorbind, daca se duce la un control ginecologic si doctorul ii zice "braaavo, fetita mea, ai reusit sa-ti pastrezi virginitatea", iar ea dupa aceea primeste un penis in cur si unul in gura, filmata de o alta serie de oameni, ea e privita ca o persoana pura si neinitiata, atunci lumea s-a intors cu curu-n sus.

In primul rand pentru ca in anumite cazuri, nu explicatia medicala e cea mai importanta, ci cea ETICA, iar asta fiind blogul meu, parerea mea conteaza cel mai mult, EU nu o pot considera pe aceasta persoana virgina. Pentru mine e mai putin virgina decat una care a facut sex cu 900 de barbati, pentru placerea ei personala, pentru ca isi permite sa bolboroseasca masei de cocalari in calduri ca ea e pura si neinitiata. Si pentru ca aici EU vorbesc, tot EU o consider o ipocrita, iar cei care ejaculeaza articolele alea ca sa mai indoctrineze masele de cocalari virgini la minte, TOT la fel de ipocriti sunt.

Daca ati ajuns sa puneti un titlu de 6 cm in ziar in care sa scrieti ca UN STAR[let] PORNO e VIRGIN, in ORICE sens vreti voi [medical, etic, ipocrit, idiot, inteligent], sa-l vindeti si sa convingeti masele de indoctrinati care vor crede ca soarele e albastru daca vad scris in ziar, ATUNCI MA BUCUR CA N-AM ALES FACULTATEA DE JURNALISM.

Insa am o rugaminte pentru cei cativa colegi de-ai mei cu creier care s-au dus totusi la jurnalism: scrieti lucruri cu capul, nu cu portofelul. Va rog eu frumos. Avand in vedere ca mass-media e una din cele mai mari puteri in stat, scrieti va rog cu mintea. Daca simtiti voi ca un subiect e de-a dreptul penibil de ipocrit, nu-l scrieti, chiar daca ati avea mai multe vanzari.

Voi puteti sa mai educati lumea asta. [Asta in cazul in care nu ma duc si eu la anul la jurnalism, dupa ce termin filosofia]. Va rog eu frumos sa faceti asta, ca ma internez la Spitalul 9 deja.


10 octombrie

Azi e 10 octombrie.

Atat conteaza..pe lume.


February 10, 1962 – September 27, 1986

Rest in peace, Cliff Burton.

"When a man lies, he murders some part of the world
These are the pale deaths which men miscall their lives
All this I cannot bear to witness any longer
Cannot The Kingdom of Salvation take me home?"

see you there, mate.


Chastity Is Gone

Aseara cautam o poza in legatura cu castitatea si am dat pe google pictures search...proasta alegere. Din cate stiu eu, castitatea inseamna puritate, mereu e asociata cu maicile, cu credinta, cu printesele virgine, mai stiu eu... Eh, cand mi-au aparut pozele [eu am safe search OFF], chiar am ramas cu gura cascata cand TOATE pozele erau cu femei/barbati goale/goi, in ipostaze pornografice, unii cu centura de castitate, altii doar asa...

Oricat de mult mi-ar placea mie sexul si toata ideea moderna de hedonism fizic, ma intreb de ce chiar totul se rezuma la pornografie? Mereu in toate cartile pe care le-am scris, ideea de baza a tuturor celoralte evenimente a fost sexualitatea, in sensul ei pur si artistic, dar uneori chestia asta devine exagerata. Ce legatura are Paris Hilton aia cu castitatea, de exemplu?

Dati search si o sa vedeti despre ce vorbesc. Si stiu ca de fapt nu e vina lui Google, ci e vina celor care au dat aceeasi cautare si au ales pozele astea. Atunci ma indrept catre ei: atat va duce mintea, ba?

Na ca va pun voua, celor care mai aveti creier disponibil, o poza din Grecia pe care-am facut-o, ca poze cu "castitate" gasiti pe toate tarabele sau daca sunati la fetele alea urate care se intampla sa aiba voci sexy. Ca tot e cu inimioare si stelute :))


His and Hers

What is actually happening here...if every woman that comes in contact with him becomes my enemy and any man that talks to him gets filled with my hate? Even his closest relatives become my enemies, even the bed that keeps him warm every night and the clothes that he wears.

I don't care what it is in the end, I know it is troubling me, but also makes me dream away. Dream that he will fucking wake up and love me.

Underwater Friends

"They are my underwater, underwater friends..."

Here we found a single use camera to take underwater pictures. And my desire to buy myself an underwater professional camera grows bigger, so I ask you: do you know the prices of such thing?

I can also use a waterproof camera if a photo camera is too expensive. I enjoy anything waterproof!

Let me tell you something about divine punishment. I told you about those kids who made fun of me some nights ago. Well, one of them pissed me off the MOST. If you act nice I might even post a picture of him. :) He made fun of me and called us all bad names, I won't say what. My instinct was to jump at his neck but I guess "someone else" fixed this.

I was told that some time ago [they left back to Bucharest], he took his boat and went in the sea, but the brat got taken by water currents and got very scared. The stupid brat didn't know how to swim well either. A guy saved him and he told him that for this, he will allow him to call him his slave.

Not that the boy didn't have the face of a slave haha. Well, I called this divine punishment. It happened right the next day after he pissed me off and made me angry. Maybe it is in my head, but I like to think so.

Well, his parents abandoned the boat in the hotel yard and guess who took it? Us.

I will take a pic of it and show it to you laterz.
Now I'm off to my underwater friends.



N-am mai scris de ceva timp si am zis sa fac anumite precizari, idei, concluzii, etc.

1. Sunt pe o insula, e foarte bine aici si as mai sta 1000 de ani daca mi s-ar aduce si cele 3 persoane care conteaza cu adevarat pentru mine.

2. In grupul de prieteni de aici au venit si cateva familii de smecheri, cu carutele lor Lexus, care incercau sa impresioneze auditoriul prin fel de fel de glume neinspirate si holbat la greu, dar nu au reusit, ba mai mult, s-au ales si cu un misto sub centura de la oamenii normali, noi astia muritori de rand care nu ne dam cu caruta prin oras si cu ochelari de soare noaptea.

3. Daca ma intrebi cum de au ajuns cu noi, erau prieteni cu cei cu care mergem noi si deh. Oricum aproape ca am scapat de ei. Exemplu de familie: Gicu, Nuti si cei 2 plozi cocalari. Ba, da cocalari nu gluma.

4. Am observat ca profilele mele online au devenit site-uri de matrimoniale. Va spun: NU, nu ma bucur pentru voi, si NU, nu ma face sa ma simt bine ca sunteti voi fericite pentru ca va cautati parteneri de futut pe hi5/yahoo 360/VF/myspace. Imi cer scuze pentru cuvantul parteneri. :) Lasa aburelile ca "il iubesc", ca intr-o luna nu poti iubi pe cineva decat in situatii rare si nu e cazul.

In rest, totul e foarte bine. Doar scriu pe blog de ce ma oftica ca sa nu le-o scuip in fata astora care ma enerveaza, ca nu e frumos, dom'le.


Guitar Solo Trance

Yeah, right now, well, I'm listening to Jimi Hendrix - Hear My Train A Comin' [Electric] and this got me in the mood. I feel good, oh yes. I feel damn good. Now it's already "Bleeding Heart". Last night at about now, I was watching an interview and the question was if Disturbed would have a concert in Baghdad. I said: "yes, but there the pyrotechnics would be real".

I am curious if it works to show you this [too bad the quality of gifs on this site is poor]:

First it was another pic of me, but I realized I didn't like it. The font and entire banner was previously done by the dear Tigress but I pretty much changed the entire effects. I fucking LOVE this banner, I use it as signature and I can't stop staring at it.

And I wonder...for how long will this good mood last? Yesterday it was the opposite. Now I'm on my way to take a cold cola with ice and lay back.

I'm just feeling good. I will be gone for a couple of days [around 2 weeks]. I know ONE person I will miss the most...but next year we HAVE to do this, man.

Alright, I'll stop here. Thank you, good night. :)



Se spune ca nu esti indeajuns de "metal" daca iti place melodia/albumul St. Anger de la "Metllica" [ :) nu ma secati ca am scris gresit, e faza din Some Kind Of Monster, metalistilor].

Si se zice ca nu esti metal daca iti place si alt gen de muzica decat metal. Si de asemenea, daca iti plac MayheM si Burzum, deja devine patologic de non-metal. Si daca nu mergi in Vama, deja nu mai zic nimic de asta.

Si eu va zic ca va pierdeti timpul cu clasificari si cu comentarii in loc sa FACETI ceva. Si mai zic ca mi-a placut foarte tare asta: "pt fiecare injuratura, eu ma pis pe voi de 10 ori". Hahaha =]

Imi place St. Anger, din respect pt baieti, doar spun ca scriu din experienta lor, e drept, nu-mi plac alte melodii dupa care "mor" toti marii metalisti.

Si fac toate celelalte non-metal chestii. Si am o pereche de chiloti cu roz. Si as iesi la o bere cu Varg si cu Hellhammer, in acelasi timp. Si imi plac versurile de la St. Anger, sunt bune pt starile nasoale. Si fac pariu ca 70% din cei carora nu le place St. Anger, n-ar fi asa categorici daca n-ar fi cool asa. Si ascult si "alte chestii nu-metal".


Decat metal dupa cum ziceti voi, mai bine lasa. ;)

Si ma simt AL DRACULUI de bine asa. :D



You keep calling yourself a God. You've wondered many times why I don't bow.

Gods don't bleed. Gods don't need to demand the others to bow to them, others bow because they feel their energy. Gods don't get hurt. Gods don't have a flu. Gods don't go to school. Gods don't occupy their time with mundane things, even your so called divine "music worshipping" is fucking MUNDANE. Gods don't fall in love with humans unless some real error happened, and they realize the foolishness of the act.

Gods don't have period or semen. They don't call themselves Gods. Gods are beautiful. Gods are never proud, or dictatorial, or hateful towards the "lower" souls. Gods can give life from nothing. Gods are eternal, immortal and without flesh. Gods don't need clothes to show their personality. Gods aren't trendy, emo, gothic, industrial. Gods don't give a damn about all these. Gods don't worry about the size of their dicks or of their tits.

Gods don't make "sorority groups" to dishonor people. Gods don't need an engine of a car to make them feel superior. Gods don't need fake knowledge to show it off to humans.

...And you still dare to call yourself a God?


Daily Rant

Vad ca v-ati abonat la injuraturile mele "z/silnice". E ceva de injurat azi si cum blogul e cel mai tacut ascultator, de ce nu?

Eu stiam ca trotuarul e facut pentru pietoni. Ca ma mai gasesc sa merg pe strada, asta e partea a doua, si asta doar pe strada mea care e infundata si unde circula rar masini. Vreau sa imi explice cineva [ceva retoric] de ce de fiecare data cand o masina e parcata cu botul aproape de gard, oblic, sau mai rau, cu TOTUL pe trotuar, se "nimereste" ori sa fie un Porsche, ori un BMW, ori ceva de genul asta.

Ar fi cateva explicatii:

1. Posesorul prefera ca masina sa-i fie zgariata de ghiozdanul/cheia [evil grin] unui pieton decat de alta masina.

2. Posesorul isi iubeste atat de mult masina incat vrea s-o parcheze in casa, dar nu poate si se multumeste sa acopere 3/4 din trotuar.

3. Posesorul nu stie parcarea laterala si nici pe aia "oblica".

4. Posesorul e un retardat care crede ca ii creste potenta daca isi parcheaza matahala pe tot trotuarul, pentru ca in tarile de consum, gradul de masculinitate se da in functie de caii putere, de unghiul ascutit al ciocatelor si de circumferinta burtilor, iar cel de feminitate in functie de numarul cat mai mic de haine, mai ales iarna, si cat mai mare de fond de ten/bronz artificial/sunci/ochelari de soare noaptea.

Tind sa inclin catre varianta 4. Tu ce zici? :)


Iron Maiden

Another concert that I've seen and I can put it in the top 5: Iron Maiden. Not many will ever top Metallica and Laibach in my heart, but this one was totally vibrant, powerful and ... damn metal. The best feeling for me is after the concert, or during a favorite song, when I start to realize that "Fuck, man, I see them live, I hear them live, they are in front of my eyes."

I wanna congratulate Emagic again for the organization. These guys know how to handle a crowd. Once again, if you disagree it means you're really fucked up, considering that Romania wasn't a "point of attraction" for metal concerts until not much ago. They offered cold drinks when you expected some warm stupid cola/beer/water whatever, they were just great.

Great concert, great band, glad I could also see Trooper live.

Here's a pic I took, likewise, don't fucking steal it. More pics you can see on my deviantART account.


Happy Birthday Jaymz!

I want to wish a warm, loving and metal Happy Birthday to James Hetfield.

The best wish is to have all your wishes fulfilled, and hopefully one of them is to come to Romania again, hehehe. =]

Vama Veche Bombardata?

Vreau sa sune ca un cap de afis, ca un anunt din Libertatea. Nu am NIMIC cu STATIUNEA Vama Veche. Tin minte pe cand aveam vreo 6-7 ani si treceam pe acolo. Era frumos, boem, o plaja aproape goala, sau arhiplina si sictirita, tin minte cum faceam poza mereu cu placuta de la intrare.

Dar asta s-a schimbat. Sincer, nu prea ma intereseaza daca nu esti de acord mai ales pentru ca-ti pierzi timpul pe acolo, dar eu as vrea sa fie bombardata. Toti distrusii vor acolo ca sa se distruga si mai tare. Au transformat Vama Veche intr-un bar de drogati si de betivi idioti. Si, mai nou, au creat si un CULT al Vamei Veche, de parca merg acolo sa-si faca mantrele.

Acum daca se gaseste vreun prieten de-al meu sa se simta jignit, n-ai de ce, daca-mi esti prieten inseamna ca te cunosc si desi mi se pare total aiurea ca te duci acolo, gusturile nu se discuta. La fel si cu ceilalti, dar pentru MINE [ca de aia e blogul MEU], e un CACAT locul ala.

Nu m-as duce acolo nici platita, mai degraba as merge la dezintoxicare decat acolo. Am chef sa-mi exprim din nou ura IMENSA pentru felul in care a ajuns locul ala. Call me an idiot, an antisocial, a misanthropic, a poser, I care less.

Nu degeaba umblu rar prin baruri in Romania. Aici majoritatea rockerilor confunda muzica cu bautura.

Si NU, NU e cul sa te imbeti. Am trecut si eu prin faza aia pe la 17 ani.


Oh Yeah

...And so I was sitting on the bench with my best friend, in front of the street. We were the only ones standing in the rain. No one wondered why, maybe we got used from the Metallica concert.

Some police passed with the cars, we knew it was once AGAIN, a meeting with the Officials. And it was. Just that this time it was our President, who looked at us from the car and even turned. Was he wondering why we were in the rain?



A Shared Memory

No. I won't start an usual rambling about this concert because it happened to be in the attention of all press. The rambling will be because I want to thank you... You know they say that the best way to enjoy a moment is after you worked hard to get there. It started with an unusual delight for a specific video, "Turn The Page".

...Then it continued with a rare "fuck, James is damn sexual" whenever his voice was in my ears or thoughts. It started with a dream and ended with a real memory, a shared memory. Don't you guys see that all that rain we had to put up with, the crowd, the torture I had, trying to recuperate a ticket for my best friend whose ticket got stolen by a retard, the nightmares about not finding it [I wanna thank NightChild for managing to find one for her], everything made the words "NOTHING ELSE MATTERS" more and more real?

For this, I'd do it all over again. It was hard then, but seeing you, guys, in front of my eyes, so close to me, feeling for sure that in that moment it was only you and I, that mattered. The rest were details. The crowd was a detail, the rain, the stress. You guys were amazing. One more proof that some people were born to rule. There has been a long time since a concert has struck me so much. The first was Scorpions. Then, Laibach. And now, Metallica.

That day we had this shared memory. A shared moment of reality. For people like you, staying in the back is just plain...wrong. Next time I'll be closer. You promised, I promise.

A big middle finger for all the retards who start criticizing this concert. You know what? You should've stayed home and let others get in there, others who would have appreciated it for real. Your critique is just another proof that you'd be really funny to be seen on stage, or next to them guys, pissing your pants. And we'd laugh and say SO FUCKIN' WHAT? Hahahaha...

Hell, this was amazing. I am so PROUD. I am so happy. It's been 3 days and I'm continuously remembering it. You guys will never read this, but for me, it will be as if you did ;) .

[*] picture is COPYRIGHTED. My lenses from the camera got full of steam because of rain and body heat, which meant entire blurry pics. Some came out better than expected though. Although they are not professional, they are a piece of my work, a moment I caught, so be good and don't use it without consent or else I'll find you and bury you alive. Muahahaha. Just kiddin'. Jail sounds more fun. No, really. Don't use it. It's not nice. I even hate that I had to put that stupid watermark on...


"Esti Pachet"

"Esti pachet" imi spuse senzualo-in prima zi de ciclu, o domnisoara azi, cand incetineam ca sa opresc la un stop, mergand c u 30 KPH. Ea claxona de zor, nu mai putea de nervi. A deschis ea frumos geamul din dreapta si a dat replica de film. Pentru cateva secunde m-am simtit ca dracu', avand in vedere ca am carnetul de doar cateva luni si am lamaile mari pe parbriz. Apoi, domnisoara in cauza a accelerat si s-a postat in spatele unei masini care statea frumos la stop, claxonand-o de zor.

Mai apoi, vireaza ea de pe banda cea mai din dreapta, la stanga. Eu m-am transformat in Dr. Jekyll si am urmarit-o, greseala ENORMA. Cand m-am calmat, mi s-a oprit motoru, semn ca masina mea s-a suparat pe mine. [inimioare in iris si pupile]

Am un mesaj pentru domnisoara "Esti Pachet": daca eu sunt pachet, atunci tu esti sunca de porc expirata din el. :) Totusi, iti multumesc ca nu m-ai injurat, pentru ca puteai sa ajungi la Reanimare. In momentele cand devin Dr. Jekyll la volan, sunt un barbat de 45 de ani cu 20 de ani de condus la activ, iar masina devine arma letala. In momentele obisnuite sunt un conducator putin speriat, care asteapta toate masinile sa treaca pana face o intoarcere etc.

Am inca un mesaj pentru domnisoara "Esti Pachet": ai grija ca poate data viitoare dai peste unul la fel de "incepator" ca mine, dar cu o sabie sau un pistol, si pachet la morga devii, cu inscriptie "Gasita in lac dupa 2 saptamani" ;)

Iar un mesaj pentru mine: OMOARA-L PE DR. JEKYLL DE LA VOLAN CA NU E DE BINE.



Sunt dezamagita ca in Romania se practica foarte mult bifatul concertelor, desi esti paralel cu formatia/muzica respectiva.

Sunt dezamagita cand desi cineva a avut datorie la mine, nu ma poate ajuta cu 20$ nenorociti si ma tot amana.

Ma oftic ca mi-am facut alt card bancar si nu pot plati cu el pentru ca vezi doamne, in America nu se accepta cardul asta.

Ma oftic ca niste cretini cu cacat in frunte au blocat site-ul http://www.myticket.ro/ ca sa-si ia ei bilete la Metallica si sa-si faca bisnitele lor, in loc sa se duca in mortii lor.

Ma oftic ca o sa ma duc la Metallica si in loc sa vad concertul, o sa fiu atenta la idiotii care fac "pogo", [pogo in acceptiunea lor], care se vor imbulzi pentru ca alti idioti nu au gasit un loc mai mare.

Am o stare generala naspa si vad numai in alb si negru.

Ce e negru e ca prind curaj la condus, ceea ce e bine.


What's Yer Status?

Statusurile mele de pe messenger, cele care apar de multe ori, au fiecare cate un inteles subtil/subliminal si am zis sa dau cateva detalii, ca sa stii cam ce sa faci daca le vezi. Oricum eu reactionez dupa ele, si mi se pare uneori amuzant. Unele sunt luate dupa melodii, altele dupa poezii/oximoronuri de-ale mele.

Antisocial Socialist ~ in general am o stare de lipsa de chef, stau online pentru urgente si discutii cu 1-2 persoane "fidele", dar nu ma voi intinde la vorba.

Not Here, Mortal ~ evident, nu sunt langa calculator cum traditia mea e sa nu inchid messengerul daca imi ramane PC-ul deschis, prefer sa primesc o fereastra deschisa decat un offline enervant

Painting My Horror ~ imi pictez unghiile, ceea ce inseamna sa te astepti la typo-uri, scris lent, raspunsuri o data la 10 minute, etc.

We Were/He was (Electro)cute ~ ma gandesc la El, sunt cu capul in nori si dau iama prin poze sa-i mai vad.....zambetul. We were in general aminteste de intamplari ale noastre, deci e si mai rau daca vezi asta.

Dopamine Levels Low/High ~ Stare de rau/bine, dupa caz.

Amuse Me ~ Fac misto de cineva cu altcineva din lista sau singura.

Alcoholic ~ Iar ma gandesc la El, nu neaparat avand o bere in mana si nici dand in vileag anumite "preferinte", pur si simplu...dependenta.

I Am Abomination ~ Stare de chef de a controla lumea si de a o distruge, posibile discutii filosofice daca intri in vorba cu mine.

I Am The World ~ Stare de "sunt buricul Pamantului", nu neaparat in sens pozitiv.

Waiting For The Miracle ~ In general, stare emo in care astept ca El sa-mi dea vreun semn de viata sau sa se intample ceva legat de noi doi.

Access Denied/Allowed/In Process Of Denial ~ In principal asta nu inseamna ca dau ignore oricui intra in vorba cu mine, ideea e ca discutiile gen "cmf" si atat nu sunt pasiunea mea si oamenii de genul asta in general ori nu citesc statusurile, ceea ce e tampesc, ori se sperie.

Vor mai veni si altele cand imi amintesc.


21 - Legally Asleep

Not much to say. Absence fills this resentment of events, sequels and signs...and sighs. Not much to say and yet a whole world was once again embraced in seconds and moons. Moons, I say. Not months, for months are simple time warps and seconds are sounds.

I turned 21 on 07.07, this is like a time drum, my lucky number as known by all who entered my realm, 7 is by far the number of my own mythology. If I could re-create this world, I'd make also 7 suns, 7 moons, 7 devils resurrected from Heavens. All bearing the same seal.

Many people have failed my expectations, but some proved to be closer to me than I thought. I analyzed what I succeeded and what I've left behind, where I've mistaken and where I managed to change my bad moments. I replayed the times when I have failed my own failures, when I was the one behind the Wall.

...Do you have any idea how much love can be hidden in the coldest stare...?



Bai, ce sa-ti zic...n-am prea avut chef sa scriu aici luna asta, mai ales pentru ca am fost cu sesiunea [ce sa spun, mare stress], si pentru ca, bla bla. In orice caz, acum cateva zile am avut parte de surpriza placuta de a mi se spune de tata ca Logan-ul rosu pe care il ginisem intr-un "magazin de masini" era vandut...LUI! =]

Ceea ce inseamna ca am masina, bah! E diesel, e full option, e chinuit de condusul meu demn de filmele de comedie [sunt incepatoare, ce vrei]. Tocmai de aia pun si o poza cu el. Asta nu inseamna ca n-o sa mai ai "placerea" sa dai peste mine in metrou/autobuz, pentru ca e un trafic de vis in Bucuresti si nu ma tin nervii sa vin in fiecare zi cu masina la scoala/bar/etc, ca "tipele cool".

Azi am mers ceva cu frana de mana trasa, prefer sa spun ca tampenia mea se datorase caldurii in exces, oricum, faptul ca decid sa fac asta public spune ceva totusi. Mai greseste omul, macar de-acum in colo o sa fiu mult mai atenta la pornire.

Azi eram in parc si vad o fetita de vreo 10 ani topless, care se plimba cu un baietas si tot ce am putut sa aud de la ea a fost "ca fac sex cu el". Interesant, considerand ca eu la 10 ani nu eram constienta de expresia "a face sex". In rest, multe...si putine.

[*] langa masina mea e masina lu' mama


Ceva Frumos

Azi am avut examen. In mod normal, examenul era la ora 11, dar eu, ca sa pot ajunge acasa sa-mi continui pregatirile de munte pentru azi, am zis sa merg mai devreme. M-am trezit la 9, m-am imbracat, am dat pe gat un Burn, n-aveam nici un chef de mers 9 statii de metrou pana la facultate...

Ca in toate zilele, m-am postat in statia de autobuz si astept...astept...la un moment dat vad un motor de teren cum vuieste pe strada si in spate vad un motor foaaarte cunoscut...era Bogdan, unul din cei mai misto oameni in viata, prieten bun de familie, cu motorul lui american. Trece, ma vede, imi face semn si opreste la vreo 50 m. Am fugit spre el, aia din statie se holbau ca viteii la poarta noua si m-a dus cu motorul. Mi-era dor de motorul ala... Aia da motocicleta.

Dintr-o calatorie obisnuita si plictisitoare cu autobuzul am avut parte de ceva ce m-a facut sa zambesc tot drumul in metrou. Si am mai si luat 10 pe de alta parte.

Am pus o poza cu noi 3 hehehe. E de asta vara, dar nu conteaza, noi nu ne-am schimbat [poate doar parul meu e mai rosu acum :P ].


Vuitoane Si Culturi

Normal ca am sa ma iau de ce s-a intamplat recent cu Statuia Eroilor Pompieri! Cu siguranta ca 1% din persoanele amatoare de Vuitoane stiu ce s-a intamplat la 1848, asta pentru ca nu toti oamenii care aleg moda "high life" sunt batuti in cap. Eh, uite, in acea Revolutie, niste pompieri si-au sacrificat viata si mai incolo, niste alti oameni s-au hotarat sa le faca lor o statuie, asa, pentru sacrificiul lor suprem.

Ce s-au gandit niste alti oameni, si mai tarziu? Pai ce nevoie au romanasii nostri de statui cu eroi, aia sunt morti, ingropati, putreziti. Hai sa le acoperim cu Vuitoane, ca tot sunt la moda, ne reprezinta elita societatii, e totul perfect. Asa, copiii nostri o sa cinsteasca Vuitoanele, o sa invete la istorie despre nasterea conceptului de genti kitsch, si asa mai departe.

Sa nu se inteleaga gresit, mie putin imi pasa de feshan si d-astea, dar asta e o metafora excelenta la ce se intampla acum in tara noastra. Orice urma de cultura e imbracata in kitsch, in tampenie, e ACOPERITA si batjocorita, desigur, cu acordul Ministerului Culturii. De ce ne mai miram? Cand noi, astia fraieri, mai incercam sa culturalizam ceva, si apar elitele care pocnesc din degete si hopa! apar Vuitoanele gigantice prin oras.

Si cum spunea un coleg de liceu, un mesaj pentru Vuitoane si majoritatea adeptilor lor: "Sa fiti sarbatoriti".


Limita La Fani...?

Nu-mi scuzati lunga absenta, sunt prinsa in valtoarea nebuna a sesiunii =] . M-au pus multe lucruri pe ganduri intre timp, dar n-am avut chef sa scriu. Insa acum, asta mi-a dat putin curaj.

Am aflat ca s-au suplimentat din nou biletele la Metallica. Eu am bilet la Gazon B si e a doua treia oara cand as fi avut ocazia sa merg la Gazon A, dar mi-e bine si asa. Ce ma pune la coltul cu bomboane si ganduri e limita asta... Ai un concert la care e evident ca vor sa vina mult mai multe persoane decat sunt prevazute locuri, de ce nu faci in asa fel in cat sa poata veni toata lumea care vrea? O idee e un concert intr-un loc care poate fi marit pana incap toti.

O alta idee e un scut anti-cocalari la concerte. Poate suna elitist si deplasat, dar cunosc atatia oameni care ar fi venit la Rolling Stones si n-au mai gasit bilete, ca mai apoi sa vad ca stadionul COLCAIA de cocalari, pt un moment am crezut ca am gresit stadionul. Aia n-aveau nici o idee pentru ce au venit si se mai si uitau ciudat la pletosi.

Stiu ca suna utopic, dar aceste doua lucruri ar face concertele mult mai placute: un cip implantat undeva, sa depisteze cocalarii care n-au nici pe dracu' cu concertul si acces nelimitat fanilor care raman pe dinafara pentru ca nu stiu ce pokemon/cocalar vrea sa-si treaca in "bifate" inca un concert.


Fashion, Dom'le...

Nu dau detalii despre unde stau, doar atat...zona de fitze a Bucurestiului... Si sa se mai stie ca am boala pe cristalele jvarovschi.

Azi ma plimbam si am vazut o pereche de ochelari de soare gen pilot, care imi placeau foarte mult. Ii probez, totul e perfect, intreb pretul si mi se raspunde: "Ochelarii sunt 7 milioane, se poate face discount de 23% si ii cumparati cu 6 milioane 300." Nu mi-am putut stapani reactia. Si acum stau si ma gandesc, oare aveau si un avion incorporat in ei de costau atat de mult?

Dar, kidul si Riku de la Catamenia mi-au insorit ziua. Am primit un comment frumos de la el: "Hey there dear :) Just thought to drop by and say hello. Hoping all is fine there with you and your dear ones? Cheers, beers and hugs, Riku". Asta da frumusete de comment.

Cum? Pai normal ca ma dau mare, macar recunosc!


Top 10 Love

Eh, mai tineti minte acum ceva timp, cand am facut acel Top 10 Hate si v-am promis si o urmare a acestuia. Azi ma simt bine, chit ca incepe sesiunea, doar stiu de atat timp ca in supravietuire, moralul te scoate aproape 85% din cacat. Vor fi si zile cand o sa fiu la pamant, dar nu azi.


1. Tot ce inseamna creatie, prin muzica, poezie, pictura, arhitectura, chirurgie, politica, ce vrei tu. In asta pot include si re-creatia, ideea cuprinde tot ceea ce e menit sa inalte spiritul, mintea, sa aduca noi orizonturi.

2. Oamenii care ma inspira si m-au inspirat, de la familie, la prieteni si celebritati [in ultima categorie intra si filosofii, pictorii, nu numai oamenii contemporani], sunt foarte putini, dar fac cat toata lumea x infinit.

3. Role-playing, cel mai placut mod de a invata sa faci fata oricarei situatii si de a avea reactii reale, fara sa-ti pui in pericol viata [eh poate ne-am pus-o in pericol de cateva ori, dar a meritat] si exista o SINGURA persoana cu care role-playing-ul a devenit un mod de viata.

4. Respectul si implicit respectul de sine, am mai vorbit despre asta intr-un post anterior. Dupa parerea mea, in momentul in care te respecti pe tine poti respecta pe cel de langa tine, chit ca e idiot. Poti avea o discutie decenta, iar cei care insulta mereu dau dovada de lipsa lui, nu de putere, forta, "coolness" si alte EPITETE. [EPITÉT, epitete, s.n. Determinant expresiv pus pe lângă un substantiv sau pe lângă un verb pentru a scoate în evidenţă mai nuanţat o trăsătură a obiectului sau a acţiunii şi pentru a da mai multă expresivitate artistică creaţiei respective. ♦ Calificativ elogios sau injurios dat cuiva. – Din fr. épithète, lat. epitheton. ~ sursa: dexonline] - am bagat definitia tocmai pentru a 2a.

5. Natura si tot ce tine de ea, tot ce este natural [mai putin parul de pe picioare la femei de exemplu :) ]. Imi place mult natura, iar putini oameni inteleg cand spun ca prefer o iesire in parc in locul unei nopti intr-un bar.

6. Sa zbor - visez in mod constant ca zbor, la inceput a fost o uimire, apoi o revelatie, iar acum mi se pare absolut normal sa zbor, e foarte real si incredibil.

7. Mitologia, in special cea scandinava, am fost de doua ori acolo si m-a fascinat, de aceea mi-am si tatuat runa zeului Odin, am avut ocazia sa vad "pe teren" cat de frumos se imbina mitologia cu peisajul scandinavic.

8. Sexul, atunci cand este adaugat si respectul de sine de care am vorbit in Sex Pe Bani . Sexul ca un mijloc [oarecum hedonistic] de a atinge, pe langa placerea fizica, cea psihica, e o chestie foarte interesanta si o recomand. Am spus hedonistic pentru cea psihica, se poate, sa stii...
9. Calatoriile, sunt extraordinare, un "road trip" cu o companie buna e un vis.
10. Micile bucurii ale vietii, de la a manca o inghetata intr-un local spre care am condus eu masina pana la statul pana la 2 noaptea pe calculator sau cumpararea unui lucru pe care mi l-am dorit.

Stiu ca multi au facut topuri de gen, dar am avut chef sa insirui astea azi.



Stau acum si ma gandesc cat de interesant e fenomenul asta...o melodie, un parfum sau orice altceva care-ti aduce aminte de o anumita stare sau persoana iti poate readuce la viata acel moment intr-un mod inspaimantator de real. Cel mai frumos e si atunci cand ai uitat de eveniment si reapare, de undeva din subconstient si te loveste drept in piept, cu o forta imensa. Uneori o melodie sau altceva poate inspira un eveniment care apoi isi pierde importanta, ca dupa aceea sa nasca o alta amintire.

...Sau, desi ai ascultat o melodie de mii de ori, e nevoie de o singura data cand o asculti si tii minte doar acel moment, poate lipsit de importanta, dar ti se intipareste asa, ciudat... Si asa, cand vreau sa retraiesc o anumita amintire, pun o melodie si parca sunt acolo...ma doare si carnea de cat de real e si cat de mult imi place...asta pentru ca-mi doresc sa se repete, but of course.
E o stare frumoasa, e ca in filmul Strange Days , doar ca nu ai un CD minuscul si un aparat, ci e mintea ta cea care lucreaza.

M-am vopsit si ma dau mare cu asta, pe langa filosofarea de la ora 23:14! :D


Sex Pe Bani

...Cum am observat si eu ca dragostea si personalitatea cuiva nu mai sunt apreciate, ci mai rau, sunt considerate o dovada de "fraierime", "demodare" si "lipsa de inspiratie", m-am uitat la fetele care sunt considerate curve pentru ca-si "vand" trupul pe bani, in gen prostitutie.

Mie mi-e sincer mila de ele, poate nu le-a dus capul sa faca o scoala [desi in tara noastra degeaba fashi thu skoala dak n-ai lovele si "talent"], poate au fost pacalite cu o slujba atractiva, nu conteaza, ideea e ca au ajuns cum au ajuns. Ele declara ca sunt prostituate si degeaba le tot judeca lumea, nu va inchipuiti cat de greu e sa vina nespalati la tine, sa-ti ceara fel de fel de chestii, sa te mai si bata, sa nu poti nici macar sa-ti iei toti banii pentru ca ti-i ia pestele, etc. Lumea da cu barosul in ele, dar nu sta sa se gandeasca: e viata grea acolo.

Oare nu este mai injositor sa pretinzi ca ai talent, stil, IQ, dar sa iti cladesti "cacariera" pe banii unui dereglat care doar cu asta te poate atrage? A fi curva a fost aiurea inteles, o femeie poate sa se culce cu cati barbati vrea, in momentul in care isi pierde respectul de sine, atunci devine curva sau cum vreti voi sa-i ziceti. Imi spui tu mie ca o fetita care n-are nici o tangenta cu arta/muzica/actoria etc, care datorita "intalnirilor romantice" cu diversi ametiti, a devenit notorie [celebritatea nu e de voi, bah], are respect de sine? Asta se aplica si baietilor "lui tata", care isi fac mendrele pe banii parintilor si, mai nou, se drogheaza, mai bine muriti toti de overdose.

In final, m-am gandit cum as putea eu sa fac sex pe bani. Pai, il iau pe El, ne asezam pe pat si facem sex, am deseori obiceiul sa-mi tin banii sub saltea, ca Mos Gheorghe, asta nu se cheama tot "sex pe bani"? Pai stau pe bani, doar ca-s sub saltea, dom'le! Iar in privinta drogurilor, iau niste faina de grau de la bucatarie, fac niste liniute, si gata! Efectul placebo e en vogue. Gasesc un pai cu care mai trag suc de portocale uneori, si gata poza!

Vedeti, copii, ca pacatele capitale nu-s frumoase? In asta gasesti lust, greed si sloth. Mai pui putin gluttony, ca sunt si grase manca-v-as, mai bagi wrath, ca li se zbarleste parul de pe maini daca le iei la misto, pui envy - pe asta se bazeaza societatea lor, noi astia suntem invIDIOTI pe cutarica pentru ca si-o pune cu un sontorog prost pe bani, si bagi pride la final, cand isi arata pozele cu opera lor de arta.

Asa...deci, daca vrem si noi, astia normali si cu pretentii la amor si romantism [care sunt pe moarte...], putem sa facem si noi sex pe bani, dar macar noi il facem cu dragoste. :) Si putem si noi sa ne "drogam" cu faina, dar macar noi nu ajungem niste ratati. Si putem si noi sa avem toate cele 7 pacate la un loc, dar macar noi le admitem.

[*na ba poza cu bani, de va faceti voi mereu]

O zi buna.